Some Essential Features

Drag and Drop

The most important feature required to make any website user-friendly and loved by the users is to make it laid-back and fun to use! We offer an editor that will enable the users to customize and modify their websites in whatever way they wish to!

One-Page Websites

Online business has become a mainstream thing now! Make your website professional and business-like with the one-page template.

Mobile Friendly

User-friendly is directly linked to being compatible with all devices in today's’ day and time! With the advancement of technology, it has become vastly essential to keep up with the pace. We make mobile version look a hundred times easier to access.

Online Apps

With the world having become so extremely tech-savvy, don’t settle for anything less than the best. We will give an access to most vibrant, user-friendly apps for your website.

Custom Domain

The first impression is the lasting impression! Don’t miss on this one and create a custom domain that will leave a great impression on your site visitors.



Security Check

With our free online hosting and safety feature your site will be kept secure, and all the hackers and cyber criminals will stay far away.

Beautiful Design

Outstanding Templates

Create a visual masterpiece! Regardless of what type of site you are working on, we offer more than 500 exclusive designer templates to cater to all your needs.


Countless Webpages

Are you a neat freak? Do you overly organize everything and feel that it is getting a little too crowded with all feature on a single webpage? Well, we are here with the solution! Now create as many pages as you want and keep your website organized and beautifully gathered.

Online Editor and Image Viewer

Enhance, edit, brighten, lighten and do absolutely anything with your pictures with the outstanding online editor. You can even view all your images now by adding an extra oomph factor to your site with the image viewer!

Anchor Menu

You sure will need a helping hand with all the webpages you just added! The anchor menu will make it easier to inter-link all anchors of your site directly to the homepage.

Audios / Videos

Make your website more and more fun for the young lot and add the audio/video feature and make online video and sound streaming get-set-go!


Pin to the Screen

Pin elements to your home screen, so they stay in place as visitors spool through or resize the display.

Blogging & Social Media

Blog Updates

Add regular blog feature to make your site more personal. Customize and update blogs to keep visitors connected.

Facebook Access

Allow Facebook access to your site to sync all activities and updates on your website.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons lets your website visitors share the stories they like on your blog / website with their social circle.

Online Store

Complete eCommerce Store

Keep a track of your orders, receive payments with a click, endorse sales and accomplish shipping all at the same time in the same place.

Accept Payments

Allow Facebook access to your site to sync all activities and updates on your website.

Global Shipping

Customize, manage and keep a check on all shipping rules and tax payments for global shipments.

More Features

Google Analytics

Mailchimp Integration

Membership Management

A/B Theme Testing

Appointment Manager

Event Management

Social Media Marketing Tools

Google Maps