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Real Time Website Analysis & Tracking

All the website analysis and tracking is done in real time manner, giving you up to the minute update of your website's performance. This is even more than what you can get with Google Analytics, where only a few items are being tracked in real time.

Great Details

Messagizer's Website Analysis & Tracking provides great details on all aspects of your website analysis, especially on your visitor reports. It gives in depth details of your web visitors that you can sort and filter. This enables you to have a clear picture of what actually works and evaluate your strategy for better performance.

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Visitor's Actions

Our Website Analysis & Tracking tool is special because it lets you analyze your visitors' actions in detail. Find out everything they do while visiting your website, this will give you valuable information to analyze. Compare this information with other statistics you have from our detailed reports, and you will have more than enough data to setup your online strategy. The great thing is you can analyze your visitors' behavior on specific pages on your site or you can also analyze the behavior of individual visitors.


We know that maintaining your website's uptime is very important, that's why we will monitor your uptime and alert you whenever your site is down.


Our Website Analyser is user friendly, everything is designed to be easy to used for first time user. If you still have some problems you can always contact our customer support.

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Onsite Analytics

You will have on-site analytics widgets where you can view live status of your visitors on different pages of your site. Most on-site analytics widgets only provide visitors' data for the whole website, but our widget can provide visitors' data on every page you see.