Messagizer offers Political Calling, Voice based Surveys & Polls through Automated Phone call Software

With an automated phone survey, you can make use of outbound dialing and send your survey to a list of contacts. Or the respondents can even call in and take the phone survey. Phone surveys can also be customized as per your requirements. It is perfect for telephone polling, census surveys, data collecting, research, and customer satisfaction survey.

Automated Telephone Polling

This helps you create personalized polls that have questions and these can be answered by the voice broadcast recipients via their phone by using Messagizer’s automated telephone polling. Customers can also include a polling question with about six different responses to their voice broadcasts. This feature is available to all users and will cost an extra 1/2 credit for every contact that will be used on a voice broadcast. However, those who are already enrolled in a monthly plan need not pay extra for this feature.

Once you send a telephone poll, it will prompt the call recipients to punch in a response by selecting the related number on their device. Messagizer’s polling system permits just one response. Once this is completed, you can log in to your account and look into the results of the broadcast polling call. You will get an in-depth report that enables you to view the number of people who have made use of this feature in addition to the answers given by them.

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How Automated Phone Surveys Help you?

With Messagizer’s automated phone survey, you can plan a multi-level phone survey that enables automatic response pooling and handling. The outbound dialing allows you to use a contact list to which you can send your survey or you may even arrange your respondents to call in if they want to take the survey. This automated phone survey can be integrated with the company’s CRM and attached to the existing phone service to get an analyzed result with detailed statistics on the respondent’s responses.

Our automated phone surveys can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of your company. These phone surveys are usually used to conduct telephone polling, market research, demographic survey, customer satisfaction survey, conference meetings, census surveys, or if any specific type of data is required to be collected.

  • It’s a Buy-to-own or Hosted service: By using our cloud services, you can start a phone survey in no time. You may even choose to use your phone service on the software bought from us.

  • Text to Speech: You can personalize the survey and get a better response from the respondents with the help of text to speech that has a computer-generated voice speaking the respondent’s name before starting with the survey.

  • Real-Time Results: With an automated phone survey, you can immediately get the results once the study is complete. It allows you to monitor the responses in real-time.

  • CRM Integration: It can be integrated with the CRM database allowing you to import a contact list, or you can directly input the phone numbers of the respondents.

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Benefits of telephone polling

  1. Messagizer offers services like automated telephone polling that can be used for political polling calls, phone surveys, etc., which are quite easy to use and you begin using them instantly.
  2. We also offer a computer-generated voice that personalizes the surveys and also increases the response rates.
  3. You can also view the results in real-time and monitor the responses as they come in.
  4. You can make use of a contact list and can upload or import it. Or you can even merge your CRM with the solution.
Create Your First Survey

Detail survey reporting with an example scenario

Following are the four questions along with options for each

Options for Question 1


Options for Question 3


Options for Question 2


Options for Question 4


Following screenshots shows the results of survey campaign. Summarized results of Question 1 and 2


Summarized results of Question 3 and 4

Survey Auto Dialer

Automated Telephone Polling Features

  1. Identifying the Topic: A productive poll or a survey begins with identifying the topics as well as issues that are relevant to the election and polling in addition to the questions related to those topics.
  2. Automated Telephone Surveys: Instead of spending a lot of money on more staff, you can minimize expenses by investing on automated telephone surveys. You also get the results in a real-time speed which enables clients to make the right decisions based on the results.
  3. Live Call Centre: We have a live call center and connect both landlines as well as mobile phone households.
  4. SMS Text Message: We conduct P2P Text Messaging as well to users of Mobile Phones.
  5. Internet Panels: We make use of internet panels to target online users.
  6. Interpretation of Polls: We conduct very accurate telephone polling and phone surveys which helps a business gather the right data that they require.

Why Perform Political Polling Calls?

Polling being the most common tool used by the political parties to have successful campaigns, political polling calls are quite important.  Polling is important for the following three reasons.

  1. It lets you learn your position or standing in comparison with the competition.
  2. It helps you get an understanding of what the voters are thinking.
  3. It can help you identify the route for winning the election.

At Messagizer, we have an advanced software with which you can conduct a telephone polling in a fraction of the time required to conduct the polling in the traditional method. It allows you to monitor the responses in real-time and complete the survey in just a few hours.

What can you expect from Messagizer’s Polling Survey?

  • Professional-quality questionnaire template that can be customized to suit your survey.

  • Sample survey messages for reference.

  • Separate option to create own questions.

  • Easy reviewing and analyzing the survey results on a secure portal.

  • Graphical interface with dynamic features for viewing the poll results.

Why Choose ‘Messagizer’ for political polling calls?

  • We offer you the most effective messaging platform to connect with the voters.

  • The polls are very cheap as it can be conducted at a cost much lesser than the traditional methods.

  • Conducting polling is extremely easy as you only need to upload the contact list and choose your questions.

  • The polling can be conducted and completed very quickly within just a few hours of time.

  • As the cost of the survey is low, you can survey a higher number of people for greater accuracy and better understanding.

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