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We continue to send voice broadcast to get your voice heard by as many your potential customers as possible untill somebody press 1 and connect with you or your agents.

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Free internal company wide Do-not-call maintenance
Free national do-not-call list scrubbing maintained by FCC and CRTC
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Press-1 Phone Call Campaigns (Push-To-Talk)

Would you like to give your call recipients the ability to listen to your message sent through our system and then push a key on their phone if they would like to be transferred to a live person for more information? Our Press-1 phone call campaigns (Push-To-Talk) give all call recipients the option of connecting to a live representative from your organization.

Press-1 campaigns are available for all Messagizer customers and have a separate funding system in addition to Pay-As-You-Go Credits or a Monthly Plan. The initial deposit for live transfer phone calls is $25 and it will auto-replenish once it gets down to $10. When utilizing this feature on a call broadcast you are charged $0.05 per minute on connected calls – once someone hits the ‘0’ key to connect to a live representative and that representative answers the call, the $0.05 per minute begins.

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Messagizer has some impressive features which makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. One such feature is the Press 1 Phone Call Campaigns (Push-To-Talk). Any business would like if their call recipients could listen to their messages sent through the Messagizer system and if they are interested, all they would need to do is push a key on their phone in case they want to talk to a live person to get more information.

Options available to set up the press 1 live transfer option on your voice broadcast:

  • No Call Throttling
  • 1 Call Per Minute
  • 3 Calls Per Minute
  • 5 Calls Per Minute
  • 15 Calls Per Minute
  • 50 Calls Per Minute
  • 100 Calls Per Minute
  • 500 Calls Per Minute

With Messagizer you can make use of its Press 1 campaigns to increase your leads. It is quite easy to transfer all your contacts to a call center.  The IVR features of Messagizer can be used for different activities like requesting your customer to record a message. The Do not call list features are generally used with a Press 1 Campaign too.


Press-1 Campaign

Messagizer’s popular application is the generation of leads by using live call transfers. Usually, a contact is first called, and he/she listens to a pre-recorded message and the proposition is put forward, and he/she is offered the option to press 1 to talk to a representative. This press 1 live transfer then transfers the customer instantly to an agent who is on a call center system. No modifications are needed to integrate the equipment of your existing call center.

With Newfies-Dialer you can run Press-1 campaigns to increase leads. It is very easy to transfer the contact to a call center but you can use the IVR features to perform different actions such as asking your customer to record a message. DNC (Do not call list) features are usually used with Press-1 Campaigns, you can find more details on DNC.


  1. It is also known as Push To talk and it provides its call recipients the choice of talking to a live representative of your business.
  2. The Press 1 campaign is available for all customers of Messagizer.
  3. This campaign has its own funding system along with the monthly plan or Pay-As-You-Go Credits. Initially a deposit of $25 is to be provided for press 1 live transfer phone calls which will auto-replenish when it goes low to $10.
  4. While using the press 1 campaign on a call broadcast, for connected calls $0.05 is charged per minute and once he ‘0’ key is hit to talk to a live representative and the call is answered by the representative, then starts the $0.05 per minute.
  5. It has the call throttling ability. This would require you to first determine the length of your outgoing calls. For instance, a call broadcast using the 1 call per minute option, to be sent to around 400 contacts would require about 8 hours to finish.

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