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Advanced ringless broadcast system delivers your voice message to voicemail boxes or even with numeric phone number extensions.. more

Messagizer Platform is built for:

All Customer Notification Emergency Notification Employee Notification Political Poll/Survey Routine Alerts Staffing Ringless Voicemail Live Transfer Appointment Reminder Debt Collection Utility Healthcare
Communication system for Healthcare.
Notification system that utility providers love.
Debt collection for good financial standing.
Never miss an appointment.
Call transfer to a live person.
Ringless voicemail straight to inbox.
Employee calling service to improve staffing matters.
Systematic and well-organized alerts.
Your voters must hear from you.
Keep your employees motivated and well informed.
Trusted emergency notification system.
Great communication ensures customer satisfaction.

Who Use Messagizer

Some Outstanding Features


Ringless Voicemail

This new feature makes you have ability to deliver a voice message into voicemail without ringing the phone.

Live Transfers

Press 1 feature to get your calls transferred to sales or customer service department.

Target Your Customers With A Personal Touch

Send custom messages using real voices or text-to-speech.

Survey Creation

You can create a survey by asking questions on your message. You will be reported back with survey results.

Your Privacy Protection

Your personal and account details are safe. We don't share your personal details with any third party.

Contacts Management

Create as many contact groups as you want and specify groups you want to send out message.

Your Number Your ID

You can use your own number as caller identification so you can be called back.

Delivery Schedule

Schedule the delivery of your message to the best time for your clients.

Text to Speech

Our Text-to-Speech tool is an awesome feature especially when a reminder message is concerned.

How it Works?

It’s as simple as you record your message and send out to thousands in less time.

1. Create Contact List

Create contact list and add your contacts numbers to your list. You can choose to upload a file of your contact numbers or you can add them manually.

2. Record Your Message

You are ready to record your voice message to send out once you have created your contact list. You can also type text message if you want to send that.

3. Sending, Reporting & Analytics

All you need to do now is click the send button and you are done. You can also schedule your voice message to be delivered on a certain date and time. Our reporting and analytics tool gives you a complete insight into campaign performance and results.

Some Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting technology lets businesses communicate with a large number of customers, prospects, employees or any other stakeholders of a business. Apart from businesses, various government organizations and non-profit organizations also utilize voice blasting to increase their reach.

The voice broadcasting technology first appeared in 1990s and now it is the integral part of every digital marketing strategy. Any business or organization that is looking forward to reach out a large number of customers should not ignore the magic of using voice broadcasting. Below are some major benefits of using that system:

Interaction with customers

With the use of Interactive Voice Response feature, you make your customers respond to your marketing message by pressing a button on their phone. They can also respond to you with their voices if voice recognition feature is enabled. Once they respond, they will have many options to choose from that you have provided with your voice broadcast message.

Give your customers a personal touch

Be it a promotional message or informational message, Messagizer lets you broadcast personalized message that gives personal feel. In other words, voice broadcasting is much more personalized compared to texts messaging such as emails and SMS. If you have a professional voice artist with amazing scrip, you will inspire your customers.

Fast and efficient

It’s an efficient and effective way of reaching out to a large number of people at the same time. Imagine If you need to call ten thousand customers to inform about new promotion in your company. You might need to deploy 50 people to call those 10 thousand customers all day. But using Messagizer voice broadcasting service you just need to record your marketing message, upload your contact list and you’re done.

Diverse Uses

Voice broadcasting has a variety of uses. It can be used for sending urgent memo to all employees, creating surveys and polls, asking customers for their feedback, news updates, sending best wishes, booking confirmation and possibilities are unlimited.

Not everyone can read

We can’t deny the fact that there are around 774 million people in the world who can’t even read. With emails and text messages, you can’t reach out to those people. However, voice broadcasting here gives you an opportunity to build relationship with them too.


Cost effective

Voice broadcasting is undoubtedly cost effective compared to any other marketing platform that can give such speed, scalability and outstanding reach. Voice broadcasting is indeed value for money and great return on investment.

Consistency and Flexibility

You can’t keep the consistency of voice tone and message being conveyed if you need to call each customer one by one. You can hurt your brand image and spoil your reputation because of any miscommunication or wrong voice tone. However, Messagizer voice platform gives you peace of mind and consistency of sending accurate and professional message to all customers in one go. Not only this but using this system also gives you more flexibility. Your voice message is in your full control before delivering to customer. You can record it with one click recorded, and change it as many times as you want. Once you are fully confident about your message, you can broadcast.