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Messagizer offers unlimited voice broadcasting, Voicemail broadcast, Phone blast, Call blast, and Mass calling services to customers globally.

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Messagizer makes creating, scheduling and sending automated calls in seconds incredibly easy, regardless of whether you want to send a voicemail blast, call blast or are mass calling. Here are some of the features that help us to provide you with this service.

How it Works?

Some Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

With voice broadcasting, you can send automated calls to a large group of people all at once. As, this is a mass communication technique, it can also be used for alerts, notifications, surveys, announcements and many others. It also allows you to record your client’s feedbacks by implementing an IVR in the call blast.

Voice Broadcasting helps you to connect with your niche audience who do not have access to the internet. With automated voice broadcasting services, you can reach out to your clients in different languages, thus more effective way to get connected with your audiences. Voice messaging is most effective for service notification, appointment reminders, event invitations and many others.

With Messagizer, Unlimited voice broadcasting service, you can easily contact your customers thus saving your time with any automated solution.

Below are some major benefits of using voice broadcast:

Why Messagizer?

Top reasons why you should use Messagizer for voice broadcasting

  • Quick & efficient: We help you to easily manage and schedule all your voice broadcasting campaigns.
  • Trackable: With the help of real time reports and call records, you can make timely and informed decisions.
  • Customizable: The campaigns can be completely tailor made by defining start and end time and also retry logic can be created.

Voice Broadcasting FAQs:

What is a Voice Broadcasting Service?2021-03-04T14:54:53+00:00

Voice broadcasting is an apparatus that permits you to send recorded voice messages. Messages can be sent to various telephone numbers at the same time. The sender can record messages ahead of time. It utilizes a unified interface to send them all from a telephone number.

Messagizer.com in USA, permit you to convey a great many messages without a moment’s delay. This guarantees that your message arrives at each and every individual who needs to hear it quickly. Most stages additionally incorporate and examine reaction rates. They also examine other data about your crowd’s gathering to the call.

How does voice broadcasting work?2021-03-05T05:44:11+00:00

Step 1

Add your telephone numbers

Add your telephone numbers or rapidly import a rundown in Excel or CSV designs. Utilize our gatherings highlights to effectively sort out your contacts.

Step 2

Record a voice message to send

You can undoubtedly record your voice message. You can utilize any touch tone telephone or our portable application. You may likewise transfer a WAV or MP3 document to use as your message to be sent.

Step 3

Send your call and view report

Send your voice broadcast out this moment or timetable for a particular day and time. Whenever it’s sent you’ll get a point by point report showing what occurred on each call!

What are the top 5 common uses of Voice Broadcasting?2021-03-05T05:52:13+00:00
  • Crisis Notifications: Frameworks that send mass calls are an extraordinary method to contact numerous individuals during a crisis. For instance, a school could utilize a voice broadcast administration to educate guardians. The education can be about a scratch-off because of extreme climate. A service organization could report an assistance blackout to the entirety of their clients.
  • Overviews and Feedback: One normal use for voice broadcasting administrations is to assemble input. This should be possible utilizing surveys or giving the alternative to beneficiaries to address a live agent.
  • Arrangement of updates: This is a typical use for voice broadcasting among clinical workplaces and organizations. It gives arranging, plumbing, and other on location administrations. The sender can remind a customer or client about the assistance they’ve planned. It helps in guaranteeing that nobody fails to remember and saving everybody’s time.
  • Worker Communication: Voice broadcast administrations are an extraordinary method to send corporate declarations. It especially helps when matched with different strategies for correspondence. For instance, a business could send a voice call to all representatives. It shall help them to remember easygoing Friday or a forthcoming workforce conference.
  • Advancements and uncommon arrangements: Computerized calls can be utilized to communicate data about your organization to current clients. It helps them to give coupons, limits, or different advantages.
Why is Voice Broadcasting important?2021-03-05T06:11:10+00:00

Voice broadcasting permits an organization to send messages to however many clients or supporters. Voice broadcasting programming can deal with a call data set. It can likewise peruse advanced messages between an organization and its clients kept up in a client information base. The canny voice broadcasting framework can send customized messages to different clients. The messages could go from an attempt to sell something or updates for occasional limits. It can be special proposals to updates and cold pitching new leads. There could be a lot more applications like directing fundamental market studies or worker reviews.

How can I make bulk voice calls?2021-03-05T06:16:11+00:00

Bulk SMS enables USA to compare with our customers by calling their flexible or landline numbers. This is done with a pre-recorded voice message.

Messagizer.com offers an extraordinary degree simple to grasp interface for sending Bulk Voice Calls. You can also send Text Messages to get reasonable rates. Voice calls encourages you to overhaul your business. You can share our data to customers, colleagues and whatever other gathering. You basically need to make an online profile and consolidate all the versatile numbers.

How do schools send out mass phone calls?2021-03-05T06:23:01+00:00

Utilizing Messagizer you can rapidly advise your understudies, guardians, or workforce inside only minutes. Presently you can undoubtedly send calls, instant messages with the snap of a mouse. Messagizer is altogether online implying that there is no costly equipment or hardware to buy. There are additionally no agreements or silly estimating plans. Messagizer endeavours to keep their framework simple to utilize.

The framework can send a large number of calls or instant messages each moment. The warnings will arrive at all of your proposed beneficiaries rapidly.

How to make mass phone calls for a business?2021-03-05T06:25:41+00:00
  • Arrangement your contacts

Just transfer an Excel bookkeeping page or CSV document to make your part list like a flash! In the event that you don’t have a document, just physically enter your contacts. At that point your rundown is put away and you can send your individuals a message whenever that you need.

  • Make your recorded message

Just record a voice message via telephone or browse one you’ve recently saved.

  • Send your robotized calls

Select who you need your message to go to and when. It’s just as simple as that! At that point we dominate and convey your message to your individuals in minutes.

What is Text to Speech in voice broadcasting?2021-03-05T06:34:28+00:00

Text To Speech (TTS) is a type of discourse blend that changes over content into a voice yield.

At the point when TTS was first presented during the 1900’s. The voice yield sounded substantially more like a PC voice than a human voice.

After numerous long stretches of improvement, TTS actually doesn’t sound 100% like a human talking. However it has progressed significantly. It is presently ordinarily utilized in voice broadcast applications.

What is Press-1 Campaign?2021-03-05T06:39:54+00:00

Press 1 voice crusades are calling efforts. This is where individuals press the number 1 on their telephones to connect with the mission. By squeezing a digit, individuals can exploit the offer, move their call to a live specialist. They can leave a directive for the business that conveyed the mission.

How voice broadcasting can be used for political campaign?2021-03-05T06:43:40+00:00

As a mass correspondence procedure, voice broadcasting causes legislators to run objective arranged political missions. This is done by overcoming any issues among advanced and customary promoting. Voice broadcasting arrangements assist lawmakers with speaking with electors and allies utilizing cell phones. It pays little heed to their admittance to the web.

Notwithstanding running numerous political missions all at once, the voice broadcasting administrations empower contender to interface with citizens. This is done by benefiting a huge number of significant highlights. The government officials likewise have the alternative to scale and redo the voice broadcasting as per exact requirements. Subsequently, they can utilize voice broadcasting in a few different ways to run political missions and win appointive challenges.

What’s RVM drops?2021-03-05T07:30:31+00:00

Ringless voicemail drop is additionally called a voice message drop. It is a strategy wherein a pre-recorded sound message is set in a voice message inbox without the related phone ringing first. This training is regularly connected with spamming and obligation assortment services. There are two strategies for ringless voice message conveyance.

How effective is Ringless Voicemail?2021-03-05T07:41:53+00:00

When you convey ringless voice message, it very well may be a compelling method to attract leads and give correspondences to your current clients. It is joined with email, instant messages, and different types of showcasing. You can keep your clients educated and locked in.
The reaction pace of ringless voice message is higher than email. The listening rate might be essentially higher than reacting to cold pitches. Getting to your clients’ voice message boxes might be interesting. Nonetheless, it tends to be a practical showcasing part.

What do you understand by Call Broadcast?2021-03-05T07:48:09+00:00

With the help of voice broadcasting and call broadcasting services, you can send automated calls to a large group of people at a specified time.

What kind of infrastructure is required for the setup of Mass calling?2021-03-05T07:51:02+00:00

Nothing special is needed, you are good to go with a working computer station and a working internet connection.

How many calls am I allowed to make at once?2021-03-05T07:53:26+00:00

There is no limit to the calls that can be made at one particular time.

Voice Broadcast

$PayBy Minutes
  • $50 – 2.0¢ per minute
  • $150 – 1.5¢ per minute
  • $360 – 1.2¢ per minute
  • $500 – 1¢ per minute
  • $1,000 – 0.8¢ per minute
  • $1,400 – 0.7¢ per minute
  • $2,400 – 0.6¢ per minute
  • $3,000 – 0.5¢ per minute
  • * Unlimited Contacts
  • * Billed in 6 Second increments
  • * Free Voice Mail

Ringless Voicemail

$Pay By Messages
  • 2.0¢/msg under 2,500 voicemail
  • 1.7¢/msg for over 10,000 voicemail
  • 1.5¢/msg for over 20,000 voicemail
  • 1.2¢/msg over 50,000 voicemail
  •  1.0¢/msg over 80,000 voicemail
  • 0.8¢/msg over 150,000 voicemail
  •    0.6¢/msg over 500,000 voicemail
  • 0.5¢/msg over 1,000,000 voicemail
  • * No Monthly Fee, No Setup Fee, Never Expire
  • * 1 Message = One 45 Seconds Voice Call Or 1 msg
  • * Advanced Cloud Call Center Add On

Auto Dialer +CRM

$Unlimited Calls
  • 1-line dialer/CRM – $99/mo
  • 3-line dialer/CRM – $169/mo
  • 4-line dialer/CRM – $199/mo
  • *Guaranteed leads- $3.5 per lead
  • *Guaranteed leads – $105 for 30 leads

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