Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Build up customized and modified reporting system on the basis of sources / campaigns / time duration, E-mail response, page landing and social activities. It would be better if you create automatic subscription system for reporting to update your team.

Revenue Analytics

Monitor leads deeply to measure their step by step conversion rates and pace. Result oriented marketing strategies should be allocated proper channel and revenue credits.

ROI Analytics

To know which marketing investment are more prominent and generating more return, you should measure leads generation, channels, revenue, investment and Rate On Investment by marketing plan. Successful marketing investment should be granted more budget to attain organizational goals.

Web Analytics

Identify the web behavior of customers that how often customers visit your web and when they visit again, track complete record and maintain database for sales and marketing. Try to identify your customer and send customer activity reports to your sales agents to analyze overall customer web activities.

SEO / Keyword Analytics

In the new era of E-marketing Search Engine Optimization is a key to a successful business. So track your position on main search engines, when someone search for the specific keywords. It also affect your performance among competitors.