Manage your professional contact list of users in our module of contact management. For each new subscriber who joins a list through SMS messaging in a keyword that is put up in the system, then they are added to the contact or subscriber list. Contacts can be added also by subscribing themselves through a web sign-up widget usually placed on the additional website, and by a digital faithfulness kiosk set up in stores. Further, you can check the basis of all sign-ups by the contacts module to find out that they signed up via SMS keyword, kiosk, web widget, or they were added manually.

The contacts module includes an inclusive search feature that you can easily search for your listed contacts created on different criteria. You can search on title, name, group, number, and source of sign-up. Send all these contacts an SMS separately from here or a member of a group from our bulk SMS module.

You also got the ability to add a contact manually and import all contacts into the system through a CSV file. If you previously have maintained a list of approval-based contacts and want to upload those contacts in one go instead of adding them 1 by 1, you can easily accomplish this through our bulk import feature.


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