Businesses and organizations are making intense efforts to discover new traditions to connect with customers. In this era where the Internet is flooded with spam, phone lines are frequently busy and physical announcements haven’t cost-efficient, here is still a medium that works great: mobile phones. SMS message allows corporations to create this relationship with customers and boost their marketing efforts in one jump.

The most effective and efficient ways to enhance things just like brand acknowledgment and publicize to an audience by using SMS messages contests or Text Win campaigns. They try to get to involve the audience, convince them to bring some more people, and convert the audience into paying clients.

Underneath is an overview of the most communal SMS contests that are successfully used by companies and why they utilize them.

1. The Daily Winner

If all it needs is a person acquiescing a free ‘ticket’ for a drawing, the huge majority will do it. This reason makes drawing contests very attractive and striking for customers, as all they want to do is to direct an SMS message in to enter.

The paybacks of this strategy are dual: your business bumps your client to pay consideration to different media outlets and persons who enter SMS messages contests can be marketed to.

2. The Contest Keyword

Folks will pay attention to magazines, newspapers, radios, and even SMS written in the sky which means they will take interest in anything that provides them the possibility to win something great.

This is the reason a text message wins a contest engaging clients by sending in a keyword. The keyword is related to reinforcing brand recognition, for example, the name of a product or message. This slogan will then certainly pass to other concerned parties and further enhance recognition of an organization’s brand while increasing your list.

3. Coupon Codes

Sometimes, folks may keep away from a coupon due to the media it’s published on. Simply place, printing coupons is occasionally measured as a waste of time by clients. One way is to offer your customers a means to collect coupons daily, it’s one of the most appropriate formulae of communication: their cell phone.

A customer wants to participate to receive mobile coupons from your corporation by sending in a text. Every time you want to participate, you can easily broadcast a coupon through a short message. You can then obtain the benefits that traditional promotions and coupons would bring to your company along with a maximum ROI.

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