Rapid Response codes are basically 2D matrix barcodes that permit a sum of activities to be performed on your mobile devices. The sum of uses these codes hold is limited. Although they have freshly begun to be utilized by firms and businesses in the United States as a source for transmitting information, the countries like Japan using these codes for years. The main rise with folks using their smartphones in daily life tasks has intensely increased. It shows how authoritative QR codes as an advertising tool.

Fundamentally, a QR code permits the gap between online and offline dealings to be connected. This means that as a substitute for waiting on a user to go home or enter a URL for signing up to a mailing list, they can easily subscribe to their cellular phone only by scanning a code.

With Messagizer, you are able to create several different kinds of QR Codes. Earlier in the QR codes module, they can only add “URL” kind QR codes, at where a QR code after scanning goes to that URL. Now, you are free to add several more kinds of QR codes – Location (which is linked to synchronizes on Google Maps), URL, E-Mail, Phone, Text, SMS, V-card, WI-FI, and PayPal!

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