Generate automated SMS queries and replies that are kicked off by SMS texting in a keyword. You can create questions in a sequence according to your need and once somebody sends SMS in the keyword related to that Q&A SMS bot, then they get the 1st query in the system. After replying to the 1st query, they will receive the next query in the sequence and on and on till the last query. These are important for customer support, gathering valuable feedback, quizzes, and rising your list. Every Q&A SMS Bot will be linked through a keyword and if individual SMS texting in keyword NOT available on your “contact list” to the group selected by you, will be added automatically.

Every reply has a choice for 2 queries also email and SMS alerts can be organized to email one person or numerous email addresses. Similarly, SMS 1 or numerous numbers for that reply choice! Alert many people regarding the answer choice.

Some main features of our Q&A SMS Bots:

  • Another real tool to enhance your list.
  • Optionally force individuals to respond to all queries in the row before starting over.
  • Create multiple questions and choices for each and every question.
  • Configure texting and email alerts for each response choice.
  • Generate your own SMS alert message with the capability to the output of your texting in response or contact name (if exists).
  • View and export the replies texted in through all participants.
  • Send configurable and automated replies back to the individual based on their response choice.

More Features

Messagizer offers a very comprehensive set of powerful features, all incorporated with an easy-to-use web-based UI.

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