Our mobile splash page builder is flawless for users who want to make their own pages with images, video, or any HTML and further send page URLs to their customer list to view. It works superbly for folks, to provide one example, who need to invite their customers to an event through a postcard or a flyer, add driving directions, and a lot more content that won’t be possible through a standard SMS. It’s ideal for coupons as well as events and would permit ANY user to smoothly create their pages who might not own their website. The pages created through our mobile splash page builder are hosted or presented on the admin’s server and don’t need anything from the user.

The mobile splash page builder is embedded with a fully-featured HTML editor that allows uploading pictures and inserting videos utilizing YouTube embed code. Users can also upload a header logo or can easily change the header, footer text, body, and background colors. In addition, each mobile splash page comes with also a QR code! subscribers can place QR codes anyplace, from the existing website owned by them a poster, flyer, storefront, etc. and the list goes on. When somebody scans a QR code from their cellular phone, it will take them to the splash page. Very influential feature here. To study more regarding QR codes.


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Messagizer offers a very comprehensive set of powerful features, all incorporated with an easy-to-use web-based UI.

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