We offer a kiosk builder for those subscribers who want to build loyalty kiosks. The advanced digital loyalty kiosk feature is a cutting-edge instrument that permits you to create an easy-to-use digital kiosk display. A digital kiosk offers you, on-site clienteles, with an engaging and responsive display – allowing them to join a mobile club, sign in to a loyalty program, and view their current status. Totally customize from every aspect of the kiosk display utilizing our kiosk builder.

Kiosk Builder

A loyalty kiosk is basically a stand-alone tool that is simple to create, install, and can be entirely customized for any organization. Eradicate the need for clients to hold plastic or paper punch cards that are often forgotten, lost, or misplaced. Customers can easily check in to our loyalty program via digital kiosk directly by putting their mobile number. Our kiosk bonds into our existing SMS message loyalty program feature, once the kiosk builder is created, it will appear significant displayed on a 7 to 10 inches tablet display.

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Messagizer offers a very comprehensive set of powerful features, all incorporated with an easy-to-use web-based UI.

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