Our texting service is very convenient for customers as well as businesses. Two-way messaging and SMS marketing gives you competitive power.

Manage a professional list of your subscribers in our segment “contact management”. Check all sign-up sources, that if they signed up via web widget, SMS keyword, kiosk, or were added manually.

Search on title or name, group, number, and source of sign-up. From here you can send an SMS to all individually or as a group member through the bulk SMS module.


You also have the ability to manually add and import contacts into the system via a .CSV file upload. If you already have a list on permission-based contacts maintained somewhere and would like to upload these contacts in 1 fell swoop without adding them 1 by 1, you can do that with our bulk import feature.


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Messagizer offers a very comprehensive set of powerful features, all incorporated with an easy-to-use web-based UI.

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