Messagizer allows its users to have complete control of when and where their SMS get sent out. Schedule your messages at any particular date or time and view the scheduled queue. You could schedule out the messages in exceptional intervals in an awesome way to make sure that your clients won’t forget you. Our software script permits you control of the schedule at the time of sending SMS messages so that you can schedule several messages for months earlier.

Messagizer also offers you a calendar to show all the scheduled occasions inside a daily, weekly, or monthly view. You also have the power to schedule an SMS message directly from our calendar by just clicking on a particular date. Our full-featured calendar is quite similar to Google calendar where you can see all scheduled SMS messages inside a pleasant calendar layout whether in daily, weekly, or monthly modes, or you can also be able to directly schedule from our calendar.

Furthermore, you can also easily generate recurring weekly or monthly scheduled SMS messages from the scheduled message queue. The Copy of WI (Weekly Increment) key will make the same duplicate of that SMS, and send on a date is 1 week later. The Copy of MI (Monthly Increment) key will create a duplicate of a monthly scheduled SMS message but set send on the date a month later. This is an advanced and easy way to make recurring scheduled messages, instead of manually creating scheduled SMS through the Bulk SMS page and entering all your particulars every single time.

We pay attention to the request of our clients and we now added the facility to effortlessly create recurring events and occasions in a series of the scheduled SMS message calendar!

When adding a newly scheduled event from the SMS scheduler or calendar now you can optionally mark if the particular event is recurring. You can further choose what type of recurring event is (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly), the rate of recurrence of all those scheduled events (daily, every 2nd day or every 5th day or maybe once a week or every 2 weeks, etc.…), or when these events will finish. This gives you the control and flexibility to schedule several recurring events only 1 time instead of creating them again and again!


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Messagizer offers a very comprehensive set of powerful features, all incorporated with an easy-to-use web-based UI.

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