With Messagizer, you have the capability to make a proper schedule and send SMS as appointment reminders to your clients confirming that they will never miss an appointment they made. Search all your contacts then simply schedule an SMS message for them of a particular date with time. It’s the best way for businesses and establishments to reduce non-attenders because most of the clients forgot about their appointments, which saves precious time as well as money. Appointment reminders work great specially in the medical field for specialists and dentists, also very useful for salons, spas, and restaurants for your reservations.

Some special features of our appointment reminder system

Appointment Settings – You can set up an appointment and confirm, reschedule, or cancel it. Settings will describe to you how to fix and it’s easy when the contact SMS messages are in your particular keywords. You can also create a keyword for every status update, an auto-reply SMS message that will reply back to the contact when they send you that particular keyword. Also, a custom email is to be sent to any address entered by you when they SMS to confirm, reschedule or cancel keyword.

It works as an appointment setter or an office manager who requires to be informed for the confirmation, rescheduling, or cancellation. Further, you can set a specific color for a custom appointment for each status. It will set the color of the appointment calendar and status background when the contact sends texts with the keyword confirm, reschedule or cancel.


Appointment List – A view of all listed appointments formed in the system. You can make appointments here or also from the appointment calendar. From this list, all appointment reminders can schedule directly which will further pre-select the contact and populate the SMS message field with a default message for “appointment reminder”. This message contains the date or time of appointment for that contact with the confirm/reschedule/cancel keywords. Once you have the scheduled “appointment reminder”, it will show on your scheduled “SMS calendar” there you can see all of your scheduled SMS messages.

Appointment Calendar – View appointments for all of your contacts in a pleasant calendar view, just like the scheduled “SMS calendar”. Every single appointment will display with different color according to its status and the color selected by you for each status in the settings. However, it’s not only a just view calendar. You can directly schedule appointments from it by only clicking on a particular date.

Appointment Reminders and Automatic Text Alerts

Non-attenders and missed appointments cost you a waste of your valuable money and time. Smooth or trouble-free operations with scheduled “appointment reminders” and automatic SMS messages.

calendar booked

Appointment Reminders

Reduce non-attenders and keep the calendar reserved.

Why do folks miss their appointments? The answer is Miscommunication. Phone calls may go unanswered, emails can go to spam, and some people just record the wrong date or time.

  • Reduce non-attenders and upgrade booking rates with SMS messages.
  • Create automatic SMS messages for appointment reminders.
  • Set up one-time SMS messages or automatic recurring SMS messages.

Schedule Text Messages

Save your time with one-time and frequent scheduled texts.

Scheduled SMS messages make it very simple and effortless to set up automated “appointment reminders” and send SMS alerts or updates.

  • Schedule one-time or frequent SMS messages to a group or a person.
  • Add tags to personalize SMS messages at scale – just like email merges tags, but only for texting.
  • Make an unlimited pre-saved template for reminder messages, appointments, and much more.
scheduled texts

More Features

Messagizer offers you a very inclusive and comprehensive set of influential features, incorporated with an easy-to-use and effortless web-based UI.

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