What is Peer to Peer Texting?

Text a massive number of individuals each day and have honest discussions. Raise support, or can drive important issues, all with peer-to-peer texting. Instant messages have a maximum commitment rate of 45 times higher than email or telephone.

P2P texting refers to individual-to-individual messaging. Two-way texting is a true live person-to-person content discussion. Innovation of Messagizer is the finest method to connect massive gatherings of people. Peer-to-peer SMS starts important and endless discussions within a limited period. Using Messagizer, you can:

  • Send multiple files and MMS Pictures
  • Hold a vast number of ideas and discussions daily. Contact new sponsors and gain information.
  • Send a massive number of SMS in a short time duration
  • Save your money as it is very cost-effective.
Peer to Peer Texting

How P2P Texting Works

Messagizer’s Peer to Peer platform works by approving your volunteers to attract a vast number of people. It is completed by instant message debates & discussions.

  • Make Template
  • Customize content formats for all your beneficiaries.
  • Send Opt-in SMS messages
  • Send each content simply by clicking on SEND.
  • View Responses and replies
  • React to responses and deal with your negotiations.

How it Works

Messagizer Peer to Peer platform works by allowing your volunteers or agents to
engage thousands of people through text message conversations.

Import a Contact’s List

Manage contact lists by groups and assign certain groups to agents

Send Messages

Agents pick a contact group and create personalized text templates. Send to each individual by clicking ‘send’


Agents reply incoming text messages quickly in the order of wanting time or most recently received.

It’s a Powerful Engagement Tool

Three simple steps to engage thousands!

1) Type an SMS through the Messagizer platform to send your audience.

2) Send easily Peer to Peer Text by using our lightning send tool.

3) View replies or responses from your audience & start engaging with new changes or surveys through an SMS chat.

Powerful Engagement Tool

Now you can engage your audience with all the P2P texting features you need to be successful.

It’s Fast, Easy, & Effective!

Our smooth and simple-to-use interface permits you to upload the lists of principals, create or design a template along with personalization tags like title, Name, City, or ANY CUSTOM personalization.

Text messages are sent with individual interaction by studying your SMS message & then pressing send button. It’s quite easy and fast to start multiple conversations.

When you send your SMS message, your recipients will reply and your representative can without difficulty reply to more than 5000 SMS messages per hour!

Features & Highlights

Features to boost up engagement for P2P Texts, fund-raise, run a non-profit P2P campaign, or interact with customers.

  • NEW SMS fonts! – Send P2P texts in the latest custom fonts!

  • M.S Capable – Send images, pictures & media documents.

  • Dynamic personalization permits you to pull out custom statistics automatically.

  • Ask survey queries, gather data, and Y/N questions.

  • Any data containing answers can be directly saved to your CRM or transferred.

  • Send links, rich text, and emoticons to boost the conversation.

  • Run unbounded campaigns simultaneously also hold limitless conversations.

  • Latest UI comes with various languages. Spanish, English & French!

Features & Highlights

Start Sending in Minutes

Plans as low as
0.8 cents

Per successful text

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Choose a Text-Enabled Phone Number

With Messagizer you can add multiple numbers and number types to one account.

  • Text enable a current landline phone number or a VoIP line
  • Register a new local number with area code your audience recognizes
  • Take advantage of a complimentary and versatile toll-free number
  • Add multiple phone numbers to your account with our multi-number feature.
Text-Enabled Phone Number

Collect Additional Data

Gather all information from residents with Messagizer’s component features. Apply studies in your peer-to-peer texting campaign to get data on each interaction. You’ll be able to make possess overviews and moment custom overviews via coordinates apps.

Contact your Opt-in List

Draw your pick-in crowd with an outward-bound P2P SMS to their mobile phone. Start a live two-route discussion remarkably with many individuals quickly! Send media affluent writings that underpin up to 1600 characters with 5 MB of connections. Use pictures, PDFs, recordings, and more to get your group of viewers to answer.

Oversee Replies

Oversee Replies (Respond Faster)

Answer the questions and oversee discussions or debates inside Messagizer P2P is a simple way to utilize the interface. Spare frequently used reactions as formats and conclude them into the conversation with a tap. All writings are subsequently personalized with individual contact refined elements from your records.

P2P Text Surveys

Rapidly poll your subscribers with Messagizer Text Surveys
A fast and smooth way to gather feedback from your subscribers, at scale. With Messagizer SMS Surveys, you can obtain information in real-time and start a poll by sending your subscribers a mobile survey through text.

P2P Text Surveys
Voter Engagement

Voter Engagement

Connect one-on-one with voters to increase support
Ask your voters for support and involve them one-on-one to get that support. Election P2Ptexting is a great approach for doing this. You can ask questions, collect data and also answer the questions. Most of the voters select their candidates on numerous criteria. Frequently voters have questions and need to pass through the noise to gain more knowledge.

Advocacy & Mobilization

Mobilize people quickly to gain support on issues
Gather people to support your problem and take immediate action by Messagizer texting. Also, get folks to support and stand with you on a most important issue and pass a bill that’s significant to your mission. At Messagizer mobilize the support base to encourage event attendance, or raise the profile of your non-profit making organization to knockout fundraising goals or grow supporters for your political campaign.

Advocacy & Mobilization
Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Increase donations by texting donors directly
Fundraise, gather Donations, and Engage Donors by Peer texting at Messagizer. Send personalized and Peer2Peer text messages to your potential donors directly for raising funds on the behalf of your company. Add on a link to your script to the fundraising page & take them over the donation process live. Engage donors to boost fundraising activities by raising money with 1:1 private conversation.

Get Out The Vote!

Send GOTV messages directly to supporters
Encourage your supporters to go out and vote in such a meaningful way directly. Peer-to-peer SMS texting for GOTV is the number one method used to boost your voter turnout. Create reminders for election day, rise urgency, and send guidelines to the polls.

Get Out The Vote!

With Messagizer, you can send SMS or text-to-cast ballot surveys as it’s an incredible way to keep your endorsers connected and motivated. As it’s the best technique for drawing in a massive crowd by sending a review to your endorsers and letting them decide on their favorite menu item or main tune.

Possibly the main obstacle in portable marketing is the ability to hold endorsers or individuals. Messagizer is an event for promoting your business by keeping your endorsers intrigued, versatile and inspired. For this purpose, Messagizer conducts SMS surveys, these kinds of surveys are very helpful and they can be very beneficial for you.

SMS polls can bring valuable information

Alter your survey for present inquiries that can help you to refine your promotion strategies and target market. The answers you get from surveys can further guide you to settle on a better and more educated approach for changes and mission drives.

phone survey

For example, you might notice that several individuals will use your extra items, though they are clueless about other items you are going put forward. In this way, you can focus on promoting your new items to offer your crowd. These kinds of surveys mostly reveal how you approach new clients by distinctive patterns of your present clients.

Additional marketing

Finally, you can use SMS messages to cast ballot surveys. It will carry attention to unique deals, items, and occasions that you need to inform your clients. A fast and literary promotion at the end of the survey can help you disclose honest reviews to that deal or occasion.

Polls Detail