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Marketing Automation Overview

Marketing Automation Software

The software platform is designed for the special purpose that will use for the repetitive task and called marketing automation. It will use for the decrease of human errors, and boost efficiency. The marketing automation has different categories that will target a specific area of marketing such as, social marketing and email marketing.  Marketing would be based on buyer budgets and needs; he will decide what process is the perfect for his marketing, marketing automation or breed marketing solution.

Strategies in Marketing Automation

This automation software has different tools which will helpful to make a automate strategy for marketing. The first step you make this strategy, to make sure you are ensuring to understand your whole strategy, what is all about? Then next step is the documentation of your strategy, and then final step is to make strategy after understand it’s all features.

Outbound vs. Inbound  

The duty of outbound strategy is to deliver automatic massages and content via direct mail, telemarking and other tools, the purpose of this to advertising.

Inbound techniques are focused on getting customers to find you via search, referrals, social media, etc.

Size of company and customer base

Typically, smaller companies desire a suitable tool that is easy to learn and manage a wide variety of features. Larger companies often seek out a tool that handles more complex use in certain cases, but in turn usually takes longer to implement and requires more training.


B2B and B2C have different requirements which company offer considerably. Automation requirements’ are different as well as strategies tend. It has different emotional buying behavior plus different sales cycle which can directly effect on people decision. There are some key features of this software that elaborate that how it will effect on people decisions.

  • Justify the initiative programs and measures campaigns.
  • Manage time that will spend for completion task and administrative marketing
  • Manage strategy that how to manage rate for suitable engagement of marketing
  • Manage the quicker response

Optimization Priorities

Most of us think that latest marketing techniques are not easy. Have a look at these simple steps.

  • Brand presence and content management: Search Engine Optimization techniques and proper content management can give you liberty to capture more and more audience and boost you social existence. There are many systematic set of tools available in the market for marketing research, content marketing, social media administration and web analysis.
  • Lead capture / qualification: When you capture the audience, your second step is to generate lead from them or they directly approach you. There are systematic set of tools available in the market which can help you to enhance your leads generation process. By analyzing conduct and behavior of your leads you can easily improve them using all your resources. If you are eager to generate outbound leads as well, then there are four lead capturing options for you.
  • Web: The most attractive to way to generate leads are web pages. Through website, advertisement your user can approach you.
  • Trade shows and events: Uploading generated leads to complete event management operations
  • Emails: Bulk emailing to the list of clients
  • Call campaigns: Cold Calling campaigns
  • Lead tracking, nurturing, and conversion:  When you successfully generate leads, now these leads should be converted into a satisfactory sale. With the help of systematic automation tools you can develop customized content and by messaging to individual leads you can gain market penetration.
  • Marketing Channels: Systematic set of marketing tools mostly relay on four channels.
  • Web: Supervise and monitor the content of your site of external sites to optimize search.
  • Email: Sending emails to capture more leads and follow up existing leads.
  • Social: Organize your social activities on different social media platforms by using social analytics. Track your social campaigns for product promotion and then compare it to the campaign of competitor. Managing your web content for social media platform to get more social appearance.
  • Mobile: Sending bulk messages via SMS Marketing.

Common Features

These are the common features of Marketing Automation Software:

Email Marketing

In email marketing, several features are included which are listed here.

  • Automated Email responses: - set all automated emails that are based on online activities, events, and scores.
  • Manage Email Deliverability: - ensure the delivery report. This includes the bouncing handling, spam checking, delivery monitoring and processing.
  • Outbound Emails: - make a target list, manage the program and sending emails.
  • In the online marketing, the features are included are listed here:
  • A/B testing: test different versions of emails.
  • Mobile-optimized emails: supporting mobile-optimized emails and online forms.
  • Dynamic contents: make dynamic, customized emails and landing pages.
  • Landing pages and forms: make landing pages and capture forms for good quality
  • Tracking and optimization tools: keywords and link performance in SE.
  • Leading management also includes several features which are listed here:
  • CRM Leading integration
  • Online behavior tracking
  • Automation in alerting and task
  • Leading scores and grading
  • Quality in data management
  • Development of leading tools
  • Marketing lead database


Social networking includes different features which help in marketing automation and increase productivity; this depends on the customer demand but make sure to represent your products in best manners. For the commercial of your products different social media are using to influence the best rate and productivity also meet the need of customers easily.

In social networking the different features are to include which are described here such as:

Social Ads: this amplifies your brand and makes a good community story. This proves to be a very helpful tool that reaches your customer through social activities and profile.

Social campaigns: well programmed your plan and post on different social accounts, using proper URL services and then measure all your likes and comments as well as replies and tweets.

Social sharing: Add efficient social sharing tools in your campaigns and contents. Track your sharing and contents.

Social engagement: this includes social apps which engage your customers.

Social listening: it includes social media contacts and customer DB. This will update your leading scores. It enhances the ability of your tools to recognize the issues and help to promote your products

Reporting & Analytics

Build up customized and modified reporting system on the basis of sources / campaigns / time duration, E-mail response, page landing and social activities. It would be better if you create automatic subscription system for reporting to update your team.

Revenue Analytics

Monitor leads deeply to measure their step by step conversion rates and pace. Result oriented marketing strategies should be allocated proper channel and revenue credits.

ROI Analytics

To know which marketing investment are more prominent and generating more return, you should measure leads generation, channels, revenue, investment and Rate On Investment by marketing plan. Successful marketing investment should be granted more budget to attain organizational goals.

Web Analytics

Identify the web behavior of customers that how often customers visit your web and when they visit again, track complete record and maintain database for sales and marketing. Try to identify your customer and send customer activity reports to your sales agents to analyze overall customer web activities.

SEO / Keyword Analytics

In the new era of E-marketing Search Engine Optimization is a key to a successful business. So track your position on main search engines, when someone search for the specific keywords. It also effect your performance among competitors.


Data Import & Export Tools

Data you obtain from web using different applications in bulk should be in organized format.

Integration APIs

APIs- are the methodology that how applications and other software interact each other. APIs allows data integration, logical functions with other software applications.

Breadth of Partner Applications

Is there any partner applications are easily available for data integration? Partner Application provide best breed functionality which is not offered by the native product.