Marketing Automation

Appointment Reminder and Messaging service
Messagizer is an automated reminder service. Messagizer extracts contacts from your calendar and automatically sends appointment reminders and confirmations to ensure your clients arrive at your office on-time and prepared. It can also send follow-ups to ensure they keep coming back!

Google Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Office 365

Works with your existing calendar!
Messagizer is designed to work within your existing workflow and calendar. There is no need to adopt a new calendaring system and it doesn’t force extra features on you. Remain in complete control of your calendar while Messagizer works in the background for you.

1 Connect your existing calendar to Messagizer.
2 Messagizer extracts contact information
3 Set up your message content and reminder schedule. Select from SMS text, email, or voice reminders.
4 Messagizer reminds your clients and they confirm their appointments
5 Messagizer updates your calendar!

Reply back to your clients!
Clients feel obligated to show up when they think there is a real person sending them reminders. Apptoto makes it easy to manage responses and reply back to your clients from the Apptoto dashboard or directly from your Email inbox.

Instant Notifications
You can be notified when clients respond. Simply reply to the notification email to send a message back to the client!

Reduce No-Shows, Increase Revenue
Messagizee is proven to reduce time spent sending reminders, effectively reduce no-shows, and increase revenue.

Fully Customizable
Schedule and send personalized reminders by voice, SMS text, or email tailored specifically for your business.

Safe and secure
Messagizer uses the latest security technology. HIPAA compliant options available.
Industries served

Educational Services

Counseling/ Therapy

Salons & Spas

Health Services (HIPPA Compliant)

Legal Services

Financial Services

Tax Preparation

Pet/ Veterinary Services

Real Estate

Driver’s Education

Automative Services

Sales Team