IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. IVR apps are programs programmed to communicate via voice recognition software or phone keypads with live callers. An IVR system provides a way to get callers to the right department faster, instead of having to have someone on duty to direct the call. IVR systems are essential for call centers to manage call volumes.

How IVR work?

Systems for interactive voice response (IVR) aren’t only for large businesses. The use of IVR era will assist even boutique advertising and marketing businesses. These structures perform for inbound and outbound calls, and even as a large gain of the use of an IVR is right routing.

IVR Designer in Messagizer

Messagizer Autodialer is bundled with an interactive web-primarily based totally IVR Designer that permits its customers to layout custom IVR menus as they choose. IVR Designer / IVR Studio is simple, clean to understand, and is primarily based totally on a drag-and-drop feature. Once a consumer has created an IVR, Messagizer can broadcast and performs those IVRs to its customers.

User-Friendly IVR Designer in Messagizer

Messagizer has a remarkable enhance and remarkable person-pleasant IVR Designer / IVR studio that lets you to create superior telephony structures with a easy drag-and-drop interface. The person can select out any software from the toolbar location, then drag it to the primary drawing location and drop it. This will create that software on the dropped location. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it clean for customers to create voice reaction packages in an internet browser. IVR Designer`s toolbar consists of the packages to create an IVR.

Each IVR software is different, however a wellknown collection is observed via way of means of most. The caller dials in, to start with, and is greeted via way of means of a pre-recorded voice. Before presenting a couple of menu options, the IVR can begin via way of means of requesting language preferences. “Press 1 for greater information. Press 2 for the technical department. Press three for different menus. Press four for the operator.” The name is forwarded to the appropriate name middle consultant primarily based totally at the reaction of the caller.

List of IVR Applications in Messagizer

  • Call Answer
  • Call Hangup
  • Get Input
  • Condition
  • Play Audio
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Record
  • Option Menu
  • AMD (Answering Machine Detection)
  • DNC (Do Not Call)
  • TTS (Play text to speech)
  • Say Alpha
  • Say Digit
  • Say Number
  • Say Date
  • Say Time
  • Set Caller ID
  • Integrations

Brief Description of IVR Applications

Following is a detailed description of IVR applications.

URL in IVR Designer

In IVR Designer, a URL option is given to integrate IVR with third-party software.

You have created an IVR and you want that when the user presses a number, Messagizer has to call the third party API and has to perform an action on the other software, then you need to integrate the IVR with another software and calculate This feature of IVR will do you well.

In the URL field, the API is mentioned during integration. When the user presses a number, Messagizer will call the previously registered API and continue.

The Url feature in IVR Designer is a step towards automation and can help your business grow. This campaign is beneficial for many companies, especially those that provide certain services to their customers, and certain types of subscriptions are required in the process, such as network companies. mobile.

Inbound IVR Campaign

Dial-up IVR campaign from contact list, on the recipient’s reply, broadcasts the recorded message and if the recipient presses the desired key, it directs the recipient to a live agent for processing extra call. Users can create Inbound campaigns. This type of campaign works like an IVR system. Users advertise incoming calls (DIDs) and interested callers will call the number and listen to pre-recorded voice messages. If the caller presses the desired key, the call will be forwarded to the staff directly to handle the call.