Voice Broadcasting Features


All outstanding features that make Messagizer stand out in the crowd.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response Support


Recording / Text to Speech

Play a pre-recorded audio or use text to speech to a contact once the call is answered.

Data Capture

Capture a number of digits with conditions to confirm they are the right length within a predefined range.

Multiple Selection

Select a single digit / key press between 0 and 9.


Take a number between 1 and X with checks to confirm the number is within the predefined range.


Records audio from the contact.


Connect your contacts to same conference room.

Do Not Call

Do Not Call (DNC) gives contact ability to unsubscribe from further calls.


Call Transfer

Transfers a call to an agent for live sale conversions “Press One” campaigns

SMS During Call

Send an SMS during live call.


Takes to a specified part of the IVR depending on user’s choice.

Tag support with Text to Speech

Tag support with Text to Speech to insert variables into the message. For instance “Hello, Mr. {surname}, we are calling on behalf of {company_name}”.


HTTP API takes direct IVR actions according to an external information source.

Recording Transferred Calls

Record a transferred call session that you can use for training, development and information purposes.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech converts your texts into voice message.


More Features

Extensive Reporting and Analytics

You have user-friendly detailed reports and analytics of every message you have sent. You can download your campaign results. You can also figure out invalid numbers and unsuccessful deliveries. Extensive call data and survey reports exportable to CSV.

TTS Support in Multiple Languages

Text to Speech support in Flite and multiple languages using Acapela TTS

Audio File Upload

User friendly interface for uploading audio files.

Answering Machine Detection

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) with “record-your-message-now” beep identification.

SMS Marketing

SMS broadcasting supported with all packages.

High Scalability

Highly scalable application to help you make a large number of calls per day.

Extensive Documentation

Comprehensive documentation to help beginners get started.

Live Transfers

Messagizer Voice broadcasting service also facilitate you to get your calls transferred to your sales or customer service department with a simple Press 1 or Press 0 feature.



Concurrent Calls Scheduling.

Recurring Tasks

Helps you schedule tasks by specifying an exact date for when the task should run.

Auto-Redial Activation

Activating auto redial can retry connecting the non-connected contacts.

Web Application

Web application to help you manage your campaigns from everywhere.

Error Emails

You can set to receive email notifications if a tasks fails.

Ringless Voicemail

This new feature makes you have ability to deliver a voice message into voicemail without ringing the phone. It also automatically delivers your voice message to voicemail boxes that have numeric phone number extensions.

Text Message

You can let your contacts opt-in via personalized keyword to receive your messages.

Survey Creation

You can create a survey by asking questions on your message. You will be reported back with survey results.

Your Privacy Protection

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