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Fax Broadcast

Latest web based fax broadcasting technology to help your business grow.

Reliable faxing system for your business supported by the leading web based fax broadcast technology. It helps you deliver as many faxes as you need. You don't need any special equipment, no fax boards, no special software, no need to install multiple phone lines and you can forget about all the hassles of outsourcing your faxing jobs. All you need to do is purchase credit and start sending faxes.

No Account Setup Charge

No Monthly Fees

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Fax Broadcast Management

Our fax portal provides you with full fax broadcasting management features. You can easily manage your fax broadcast messages for your business needs. Send, save, delete and view the status of your fax broadcast messages with just a few simple clicks. Enjoy easy access to your online fax activity and get detailed reports of your fax messages.

Managing Fax Recipients and Campaigns

In order to broadcast your fax messages to a lot of recipients, you just need to upload a list of recipients and the fax will be sent to everyone on the list. You can create multiple lists of recipients with multiple campaigns for different messages you want to broadcast to difference audience.


Keep Database Up To Date

When you have received the reports of your fax broadcasting status, you can keep your database up to date by downloading the undeliverable fax numbers to modify your lists.