Voice Broadcasting Packages

Message Package

Pay By Messages

2.0¢ per message under 10,000 voicemail drops
1.5¢ per message over 10,000 voicemail drops

* No Monthly Fee, No Setup Fee, Never Expire
* 1 Message = One 45 Seconds Voice Call Or 1 Text Message
* $3.95 / Month Phone Number & IVR
* Advanced Cloud Call Center Add On

Group Package

Unlimited Messages

1-10 Contacts Free
11-50 Contacts $9.95/month
51-100 Contacts $18.95/month
101-200 Contacts 34.95/month
201-300 Contacts 49.95/month
301-400 Contacts 64.95/month
401-500 Contacts 79.95/month

* Unlimited voice & text messages to group contacts
* No contract, No Setup Fee, Cancel Anytime
* All features included, email included for free
* $3.95/month Phone Number & IVR

Pay As You Go Package

Pay By Minutes

$30 3.0¢ per minute
$100 2.5¢ per minute
$200 2.0¢ per minute
$600 1.5¢ per minute
$1,000 0.8¢ per minute
$1,400 0.7¢ per minute


* Unlimited Contacts
* Billed in 6 Second increments
* Advanced Cloud Call Center Add On
* Free Voice Mail
* $3.95/month Phone Number & IVR

Pricing FAQs

How much should I pay per contact?

We  offer unlimited contacts. You are free to add as many contacts as you want.

How billing work for calls?

Calls are billed with an increase of sixty seconds. Messagizer bills the length of the call not the length of the message. That means the messages left with answering machines will remain longer than calls that are answered in real time. Billing package you select will decide the per-minute cost of the call.

Is Cloud Call Center included with this pricing?

Yes, the Cloud Call Center is billed at 1 credit per minute and per agent. Messagizer bills based on the duration of the agent calling session. Moreover, the transfers that your agent starts will also be billed at one credit per minute. Agents must logout of Messagizer after finishing call because you will be billed from the time your agents sign in to the sign out.

What happens if I exceed my plan quota?

You will not be able to call and text If your quota reaches 0 credits. To continue calling, you can upgrade your plan or purchase additional credits.


Is it possible to upgrade a plan?

Yes, you can upgrade a plan.

What happens If I downgrade my plan?

Your plan will take effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle If you choose to downgrade it. You will be billed at your current plan rate before next billing cycle.

Does my quota of minutes expire?

Yes, it expires at the end of the cycle.

Does my plan include international calling and texting?

It includes calls to the US and Canada.


Message includes SMS Message and Voice Message. All accounts have free email marketing plan for under 300 subscribers.

Do you need a customized plan for high volume?

Our packages above covers many customers, but we have special pricing packages for high volume. For instance, we can create yearly per student pricing package for college, school or university. We can create fixed packages for any organization when you need yearly pricing plans. Use a button below to request a custom quote and we'll get back to you in a couple of hours to meet and exceed your expectation.