Now forget about those old paper punch cards that are often misplaced. You can offer advanced SMS “punch cards” as loyalty rewards to your clients and build loyalty for your business to make customers happy and satisfied. Digital punch cards eliminate all unnecessary hurdles and intensely raise customer engagement. The higher risk of paper punch cards is to lose and misplaced the valuable record.

You need just a simple SMS message along with a program punch code of a particular day and the points are automatically traced for the given subscriber. When a particular number of points are attained, a reward SMS message will be sent to that subscriber, after that they can redeem their reward. Several loyalty reward plans can be created, each has its own start-up and end dates, messages, reward points. This idea is working great in several different industries.

Mobile Coupons

Create beautiful Mobile Coupons to send to your customers. They are a great way to build a loyal customer base while also rewarding your current customers. There’s no better tool and nothing more important than keeping your customers happy while growing your list at the same time! Each coupon is completely customizable and includes many settings and features allowing you flexibility with how you want to set them up. Set the type of coupon expiration, whether you want it to expire on a hard-coded date/time or if you want it to expire a certain number of days after it has been opened. Every coupon also provides statistics on redemptions, views, and like/dislike votes if you choose to include vote buttons on the coupon.

Unlike most other features we offer standard as part of Messagizer across all levels, Mobile Coupons are only available with our Level 3 and greater packages.

Some main features of our Mobile Coupons:

  • Totally customizable – Theme color, button text, images, expiration, etc.
  • Preview your coupon to see how its appearance after being built.
  • Set 2 kinds of coupon expiration – The expiration date and Active days for expiration.
  • Limit redemptions per client or don’t set limits at all.
  • Permits your customers to vote on the coupon offer you provided them.
  • Display business icons like; call, directions, or website.
  • Display social icons like; Instagram and Facebook.
  • Set 2 kinds of redemption– QR code and Standard.
  • View all statistics like total views, redemptions, unique views, and up/downvotes.

More Features

Messagizer offers a very inclusive set of powerful influential features, all combined with an easy-to-use and web-based UI.

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