How you can enhance your business system
with Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS may be applied to send throughout promotional texts, promotional offers, incentives, reminders, booking info, competitions, etc. at once.

Some of the advantages of mass SMS messaging services:

  1. Accelerated productivity: A bulk SMS software program allows you to ship across a single text message to thousands of your contacts. The same procedure, when accomplished manually, is tiring, time-consuming, and costly.
  2. Low fee and high return: Most of the people of the advertising techniques are very expensive but bulk texting is one of such opportunities that have low expenses in terms of functioning and set up. Yet it comes with a high go back on funding, thereby making it a very vital marketing device for a business.
  3. Instant deliverables: Sending throughout a mass text indicates that the message reaches your subscriber in a fraction of a second. Instant deliveries of SMS messages enhance your business by connecting more subscribers.
Bulk SMS Marketing

Promote Your enterprise with Bulk SMS

Have you started a new enterprise? Do you wish to present a much-required boost to your commercial enterprise? Well, has the best solution for you in terms of services like Wholesale SMS, Promotional SMS, and Bulk SMS.

Send Promotional SMS to Promote Your Business

The service providers are trying to set a new trend by offering an exclusive promotional SMS service. Such solutions have a long way to go in the world of advertisement as you get the ultimate opportunity to send Bulk SMS to multiple users instantly.

What Adds to the Growing Demand of

In this competitive era, the trusted Bulk SMS message service provider along with SMS gateway offers the ideal solution to their customers. Experts offer wholesale text message global coverage. We are directly connected to more than 700 mobile operators.


Broadcast Text Message – The Way it Works?

SMS Messages is one of the quickest methods to target your audience. Messagizer gives you the custom-designed tool to personalize your message without difficulty for different sets of contacts including the option of advance scheduling. You may use tags for addressing the audience with their First name and also send custom URLs to tune clicks.

  1. You need to get your contact listing along with message content uploaded
  2. On receipt, Messagizer will send the messages of your firm and ensure that the clients will receive the message.
  3. You can find the replies to understand if your bulk SMS messaging marketing campaign has been going well or not.

Display your contact number with keywords for sign-up campaigns. Let folks decide to receive reminders, updates, and indicators by messaging the keyword to your contact number. Use prompts to obtain data and replace it in your phonebook or sync together with your CRM.

Bulk SMS broadcasting might be utilized to send promotional texts, promotional offers, incentives reminders, reserving details, competitions, and so on.

A Reputed Telecommunications Service Providers

We’ve certified solution carriers and offer attractive offerings to our respected customers in terms of Wholesale SMS Messages. We at have properly hooked up ourselves not only as partners for local but additionally international telecom organizations.

While you are seeking out trusted professionals for services like Bulk SMS and transactional SMS, then Messagizer is your one-stop destination. We make the most appropriate use of the Cloud information facilities across the globe for presenting efficient Bulk SMS services to more than 2 hundred SMS aggregators and SMS hubs.

Choose from Special Plans:

With us, the clients get the entire flexibility to pick from one-of-a-kind forms of plans. You may believe us for elevating the popularity of your services, in addition to the product with the aid of implementing the plan definitely. Get in contact with us if you are critical approximately getting attractive business benefits.

The essential feature for bulk SMS enterprise:

Our comprehensive bulk SMS messages feature set is cherished by advertising professionals, yet our easy and
reliable web-based mass SMS messaging interface is easy enough for anyone to use.

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Contact Messagizer as soon as possible to get information about how to send SMS messages from your Outlook
account smoothly. Get in touch with us to apprehend the benefits of our Bulk SMS message system.

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Our mass text messaging service gives you an access to the 1224-character limit and you can send precise information to your customers regarding your product or service. Be free from hidden charges or fees for setting up.

Messagizer’s bulk SMS software enables you to customize the messages by merging the information of your customers with the message.

Our software lets you access the replies to your communications sent via bulk SMS. We believe in a two-way marketing, and with Messagizer’s bulk SMS software, you can deliver as well as receive information.

You also gain access to your SMS Marketing firm via Messagizer’s bulk SMS System.

Why pick out Messagizer for Bulk SMS advertising and marketing?

Messagizer is an international agency with years of information within the SMS marketing enterprise.

  • It makes use of the equal medium of communication to goal a large range of customers.
  • It guarantees that your clients will receive and might get admission to your messages.
  • The bulk SMS message software of Messagizer ensures delivery.
  • The bulk SMS message service at Messagizer can be customized.
  • We offer other solutions like SMS software programs, broadcast text messages, 2-manner messaging, etc.
  • Messagizer’s Outlook SMS message plugin saves time and gives scope for a healthy communique.

Automatic Text Messaging Service

Automated SMS Messaging service is a high-quality and effective alternative to focus companies with automated SMS messages sending for the targeted audience or market. We at Messagizer offer SMS advertising providers with messages like appointment reminders, out for shipping, different notifications and signals written earlier, and scheduled to send routinely to subscribers. Simply post your pre-organized SMS message to the autoresponder and set the specific time with the date. We assure you of a speedy SMS message delivery to your subscribers.

Mass SMS Text Messaging Service

About all mass, text messaging services the Messagizer’s mass SMS messaging service is amazing. SMS messaging is basically is communication exchange channel that permits you to promote, advertise, engage, and announce with your target market via SMS messaging directly to their cellular phones.

We’ve got come up with practical solutions like Bulk SMS and Transactional SMS for promoting your services and products. We focus on making sure that you are capable to connect with your customers as well as potential customers through genuinely improving your reach and potential.

While you are associating with you have to keep one factor in mind which you are joining an experienced and skilled team. You may stay assured of all of the freedom you need in terms of sending Bulk SMS or Wholesale textual content Messages at any time.

We are here to stay

We’re a reputed B2B SMS provider and make use of the latest or advanced technology for all kinds of businesses. These days lots of folks are turning closer to practical solutions like Bulk SMS offerings and Transactional SMS because of the fantastic outcomes. The high clientage of proves our capability toward imparting useful services like Wholesale textual content SM.

Automate your business communications

Integrates with thousands of popular apps


Benefits of Bulk SMS for business

  1. Send promotions via SMS text: You can send easily across promotions through SMS messages to the whole client base in only some clicks.
  2. Gather feedback through Mass Surveys: You can collect crucial feedback by way of sending mass surveys to clients and thereby shape your commercial enterprise.
  3. Communication with the workforce: You can talk speedily with the mobile work team for example engineers or taxi drivers who are inside the area.
  4. Safety alerts: You may also send safety alerts or security alerts regarding critical safety occasions or processes in your workforce.
  5. Distribution of vouchers: You can send loyalty rewards to your customers for their loyalty by dispensing discount vouchers or coupons to their smartphones directly.
  6. Message Notifications: You can send notifications, alerts, or important company statistics to your workers or staff members worldwide.
  7. Flyers and documents: You can attach flyers, menus, documents, posters, or files and send messages in bulk to the workforce or customers with our mass SMS software program.
  8. Promoting cellular websites: You can promote your business by mobile-friendly websites including their landing pages and send them texts that include all the links regarding the business you want to promote.

Wholesale Bulk SMS For commercial enterprise

A lot of bulk SMS vendors are available but very few can provide powerful features that are presented through our mass text messaging service. The service may be used to enhance your commercial enterprise in extraordinary ways.

Carry your own SMS gateway & hosted with our platform

– For most effective $9.95 according to month you can have your very own SMS gateway hosted with us for limitless usage. you can check in with over 132+ popular SMS gateway all over the world as below.

Available SMS Gateways

  • Twilio
  • Text Local
  • Clickatel
  • MSG91
  • Asterisk
  • SMS Global
  • Plivo
  • Nexmo
  • Bulk SMS
  • SMSKaufen
  • Route SMS
  • Kapow
More SMS Gateway
Turn your mobile phone into SMS gateway
SMS through your app


  • Send SMS through your app which has been built by the usage of any programming language.
  • send SMS with actually no restrictions. There might be no SMS individual limit (160 Characters).
  • Use CSV or Excel record-holding numbers and messages in the first columns to ship bulk SMS.
  • indicates the reputation of messages sent by the usage of SMS Gateway in the Admin Panel.
  • capability to receive messages inside the Admin Panel and respond to them the usage of a WebHook.

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