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Automated employee calling service to help you in staffing matters.

Modern Business Staffing Services

Nowadays number of companies are using Messagizer Automated Employee calling service to improve their staffing matters. You can also get advantage of this application by following a few easy steps. We can provide you help to fill open shifts, sending reminders, and keeping your staff up-to-date. Sending Group message was never so easy before Messagizer.

Keep in Touch with Staff

It’s challenging task to count on every employee of your organization, whether their attendance is up to mark or they are absent from duty. Our business staffing service simply streamline your staffing process. You can broadcast messages to staff as they prefer to receive, voice, test messages or emails. You just need to initiate message it can be sent instantly to everyone at once across all the mediums they prefer.

Wide Range Employee Notification System

Messagizer app is also available for mobile that gives you freedom to send messages. You can use its trial version, view confirmation reports and send bulk messages in a few seconds.

Call anywhere in the World

You can call worldwide from any state of United States.

Efficient Calling

Call specific numbers which are active to answer via polling or hot transfers.

Quick Response

Recipients can easily enter a touch tone response to any query while message delivery.