Live Transfer


Listed among the most prominent and useful features offered by the voice broadcasting system includes the live transfer or instantaneous call forwarding to the client, or live operator for instructions, guidance, help, appointments or any other related activity. This feature allows to record and transfer live messages and broadcasts to one person or multiple simultaneously. The highlight of this feature is that is customizable. This means that it is now in your hands to transfer voice calls and messages directly to voicemail, answering machine or any specific individual.

Highlights of Live Transfers and Call forwarding features

Live transfer or call forwarding is San highlight feature of the voice broadcasting system. It caters to the incoming traffic of active callers’ population from various businesses, conventions, conferences, and media, etc. The live call transfers allow the live operators and agents to collect information regarding any prospective customer. All these information are based completely on the callers request and interest. As soon as the interested recipient of your message is reached, the voice broadcasting system asks for permission for call transference to the specific contact. All this process is completed within a matter of few minutes. This is a very easy process which asks for only the phone number to initiate call forwarding or live transfer.

The operation can be without difficulty set up to permit the receivers to press a specified number on the dial pad of their phone to be prompt.  Live transfers prove to be very effective for lead compeers group, marketing or advertising.