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Emergency Notification

Trusted Emergency Notification System

You need to respond it immediately when there is an emergency. You have no other good option except a trusted mechanism of communication that is up and helps instantly in an emergency situation. Messagizer gives 100% uptime guarantee and reliability.

Notifies Thousands of Contacts Instantly

Messagizer’s emergency notification system is a reliable and cost-effective solution to communicate instantly to thousands of contacts in one go. All you need to do is create a message and let it deliver to various channels including mobile, landline, SMS text, email and app notification. Messagizer quickly connects you with thousands in an emergency.

Success Rate of Delivery

Our state of the art messaging technology make your message heard every time. We guarantee success of delivery and support to combat with emergency situations. You are more than welcome to sign up for a free trial now.

Mass Notification Systems (MNS)

Any service that sends notification or alerts to a large number of contacts is called Mass Notification System (MNS).  Conventional mass messaging is a one-way messaging system, however, Messagizer offers a two-way messaging system that let your recipients press a button key to talk to a live person.

Emergency Notification VS Emergency Communication

Emergency Notification is one-way communication and Emergency Communication two-way messaging system.

Emergency Notification Systems

Emergency notification is one-way notification to multiple contacts in an emergency situation. An emergency notification is good for updating about where feedback is not required like weather events, for example.

Emergency Communication Systems

Emergency communication systems provide two-way communication so the recipient can respond to the notification.  Two-way communication is good when the response is required.

Messagizer Provides Emergency Communication System

We also provide Emergency Communication system that gives recipient an ability to respond to the notification. It ensures that message communicates successfully and in real time.

Mass Emergency Communications at a Rapid Pace

In an emergency situation, there is no other option, but to communicate it immediately as rescue involves many other factors. Our Mass Emergency Notification System makes it easy to communicate an emergency message to all stakeholders.