Debt Collection


Debt collection is an evident feature of the voice broadcasting system. This system includes calling up the previous phone accounts and keeping a track of all debt required information. If you are in debt, an automated pre-recorded message will play over the call as a reminder of the due payment.

How does the debt collection feature works?

The debt collection feature is a vital and ongoing part of the voice broadcasting system. It includes a pre-recorded message being played over and over again through a voice call as a reminder that you are yet to pay a certain pending amount. The voice broadcasting system is capable of playing the same message repeatedly. This depends on upon the amount that is yet to be paid or for how long the amount has been due.

If the voice call or message is directed to an individual, it will additionally include step by step instructions on how to pay the due amount. It also provides an option of direct payment or direct contact with the operator through pressing a specified number during the ongoing voice message or call. If you choose to contact the operator, your voice call will be directed or transferred. This is an automated dialing feature by the voice broadcasting system which helps to replay a pre-recorded message containing information regarding the due payments of the call recipient. Each voice call contains subjective information, targeted for a specific individual with detailed and instructions on how payments can be made and debt cleared.