Property Management

Property Management

Residents have right to be informed.

Communication System for Property Developers

Property managers need a communication system to stay in touch with residents about move in/out schedule, complaints, repair & maintenance, and rent related issues. It’s a challenging task to effectively communicate this information to the number of residents.

Messagizer is the solution to this problem, you can communicate with confidence. Sending messages and alerts to the residents, was never easy before. Communication is simple and reliable either you approach a few contacts or thousands.


Messagizer has a specific tool that allow you to conveniently approach any contact, anytime in a simple method of communication. We assure you our service will never let you down and your messages will reach their destinations in time and if there is any delay you can automatically check message reports.

We provide a hassle-free communication solution for you to improve your property management system with the help of Messagizer.

Residential Properties

As a property supervisor of an apartment or townhouse community, you know that communication with residents is absolutely critical. With Messagizer, monitoring and notifying your community was never so easy. We are offering a multi-model capacity solution that allow you to send unlimited messages through text messages, voice notes or E-mails notifications.

As we are living in the age of smart phones so we have designed a specific purpose app for prompt communication.

Commercial Properties

We all visit shopping malls and enjoy their lavish infrastructure but we never imagine the hardships of manager behind the luxuries of these malls. They have to keep in mind all the factors while planning and maintaining which may disrupt the business flow. Additionally, communicating with occupants is now so simple.  In case you’re searching for easy approach to contact every one of your occupants without a moment’s delay, we have solution for this problem.

Senior Citizen Societies

Being a property manager, it’s a hectic job to keep all your occupants involved in social events and communicating events notifications in time is also a challenging task. Most of senior citizens are not used to latest technologies, so Messagizer help you to reach them by sending text messages and voice notes.

Focused Communication for Commercial and Residential Property Managers

Messagizer can send any type of alert immediately to your commercial and residential tenants. We built your strong connection with your people, no matter who they are. Your message will reach to them either its urgent or routine message with reliability and comfort. Messagizer group messaging service empowers you to send important messages to your tenants in fractions of a minute without bounding your staff for the same task.

Messagizer’s group messaging service allows you to:

  • Send unlimited messages either from phone, website or from our mobile app anytime, anywhere
  • Get Message delivery notifications
  • Target specific group of people
  • Get response from recipients
  • Record important messages
  • Send automatically messages translated into English or other languages
  • Set messages in queue to be sent at specific time

Reliable source of Communication for Senior Citizens

Messagizer’s group messaging service allows you to protect senior people and their families from any unwanted circumstances.

  • Send event reminders all at once
  • CC residents’ families on messages and E-mails
  • Send meal and medication reminder
  • Organize surveys to know tenants feedback
  • Send greetings on special oceans

Staff member’s notifications benefits

  • Save your staff time
  • Organize their shifts and send them alerts
  • Monitor staff attendance and shifts
  • Contact off-duty staff to fill urgent slot

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