Targeted communication leads an organization to profit generations.

Group Messaging Facility for Non-Profit Organizations

Messagizer also provides solution for Non-Profit Organizations. Employees, volunteers, donors and social community participants need to know what’s going on within the organization. It’s really a challenging task to send messages in a group especially when you have number of groups to reach. And it will be a problem when right message doesn’t reach to the right people at the right time.

Now you can communicate with your employees with confidence with help of special group messaging tool in Messagizer. This makes your group messaging and calling simple and quick. Either send messages to a few contacts or to hundreds, message will deliver immediately.

Stay Connected with your Patients

Messagizer is not just efficient but also affordable, no matter how long your contacts list is. No need to purchase software, no need to install hardware or any excessive telephone line required.

– Free mobile app

– Send unlimited text messages from our website

– Send urgent messages and notifications

– Sent messages according to the convenience of recipients

Participation, Awareness and Fundraising Hike

To run a Non-Profit Organization successfully, you need more volunteers, more events to organize and more public attention.  Group messaging is the quick and easy way to attract more audience. Read how you can contact your targeted audience:

– Synchronize your volunteers

– Invite more participants in fundraising events

– Send events notification for cancelation or delay

– Ensure meeting attendance by sending reminders

– Send greetings on special occasion

– Send personalized welcome messages to new volunteers and members

– Get modified setup for swift keypad response from audience

– Reach everyone else as quickly as possible with top urgent messages

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