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Smooth communication system between lawyers, legal professionals and clients.

Messagizer for Lawyers

Lawyers and Legal professionals have a lot to communicate from client meetings to case hearings. In this industry communication takes place between many stakeholders like including lawyers, clients, personal assistants, and law firm staff. We can streamline your communication needs and let you focus on case preparation, reporting and meeting new clients.

Client Communication

Communication is equally important in any size of law firm. Like any other business, most important part of law firms are their clients. Great communication with your clients let you make strong relationship with your clients. Messagizer has an appointment reminder tool that helps you schedule new appointments, inform them of missed appointments, and update them on new laws changes / revisions. You can turn your clients into returning and loyal clients with adding a personal touch to communication and this is exactly what we help you to do.

Employee Communication

In a law firm, success of any case depends on everyone including paralegals, secretaries or personal assistants, and other employees and all of them must be on same direction. Any delay or error in communication can cause a damage to your firm. Communicating effectively with everyone can be challenged especially when information is urgent and crucial. For instance, you need to schedule an urgent meeting, you can instantly send a message to everyone.
We don’t help you only communicating legal matters and appointment reminders, but Messagizer is also an amazing emergency notification. If emergency evacuation is needed or security threat has been arisen, you can immediately inform everyone in the firm.

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