School Notification Systems

Regular and Emergency Notification System for Educational Institutes

From playgroup to K-12 to school, colleges and universities —– from the brick-and-mortar facilities to online examination system. Messagizer provides a complete solution for educational Institutions to stay in touch with your staff members, parents and social communities. School Administration can make calls to parents, send emergency notifications and email reminders quickly with the help of Messagizer. Our K-12 Communication system is the best solution for schools, colleges and universities notifications, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

Helping Elementary and Secondary Schools

Our Advance K-12 school notification systems make schools communication effective and inexpensive. Size of school and location doesn’t matter, it works efficiently for both big public and small private Institution. Messagizer can easily integrate with your school’s database and allow you to send emergency alerts, delay and cancellation notifications to the concerned people instantly. This is not enough, our communication system give you freedom to send voice messages, text messages, E-mail alerts and other countless benefits.

– Send unlimited messages either from phone, website or from our mobile app anytime, anywhere.

– Increase the participation of families and community by events and program promotion.

– Setup a special messenger for each school academic block, each school messenger can access to their school contact list confidentially.

– Automate staff attendance.

– Organize automatic balanced meal plans and send reminders for tuition.

– Send individual progress reports and grades details to parents.

– Setup group within your contact list for special team communication.

– Connect with social community.

– Increase productivity of IT teams.

– Optimize your expense by reducing paper and printing cost.

– Diversify your communication: translate more than 18 languages for voice messages and 50 languages for text messages and E-mails.

– Set prerecorded voice messages in 30 languages.

Messagizer is offering all this with 100% uptime guarantee. Implementation of group messaging service and emergency alert system for you institution was never easy before.

Modified Communication for Educational Institutions

Messagizer’s group messaging service for educational institution empowers their administration in many ways.

– Improve enrolment system by communicating through voice messages, text messages, E-mail and social media notifications.

– Replace outdated direct mailing system with personalized voice messages.

– Improve event attendance for sports festivals through text message reminders.

– Boost your revenue by allowing people to transfer directly to your ticket offices and make payment.

Virtual Schools & Student Retention

Virtual schools, colleges and online universities are getting popularity day by day and world has become a global village because of internet. Students from anywhere can attend lectures from everywhere in the world. But this opportunity create a big challenge of student retention.

How to attract and engage individual students, Answer is, efficient communication and time to time follow-ups. Messagizer’s messaging systems allow you to keep in touch with students all around the world. As Online education is computer based so we can improvise your knowledge management system by providing solutions for better communication with your students. Long distance learning will be never a big deal for your institution.

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