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The next generation of cloud-based multi-line dialers is kicking butt. More lines = more calls = more sales, right? Plus smarter tracking and conversion features help you continually improve campaigns. Hey, we wouldn’t kid you.

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Autodialer CRM





Award-Winning Auto Dialer Used Round The World.

  • The integrated solution for lead gen, notifications, appointments
  • Mac & Windows compatible, unlike Windows-only phone dialers
  • Since it’s web based, there’s no equipment to buy, store or set up
  • Make up to 225 dials per hour, per agent; a lot better than before
  • Quicker connections & better voice quality than predictive dialers
  • Lower ongoing costs than most similar systems
  • Subscription based pricing includes all calling charges
  • Since it’s cloud based, agents can work remotely or from home
  • Agents can operate via landline, cell phone or soft phone
  • Training videos and webinars so agents can teach themselves
  • FREE Live technical support if anyone has a question or issue
  • Hourly plans let you control costs and number of calls
  • Flexible and scalable, from five agents to hundreds
  • Automatic Renewal of monthly & yearly plans, to keep life simple
  • Manager Call Monitoring – Monitor, Barge, and Whisper Agent Calls
  • Round Robin – Assign multiple agents to a single calling campaign, calls will automatically be assigned to the next available agent in the group
  • Hot List – Our Algorithm ranks your best leads, so you contact the highest converting prospects

Essential Features of a Power Dialer:

Smooth integration of CRM:
The contact lists can be shifted to the dialer via the CRM window in just a few clicks. We have a dialer CRM software for the purpose.
Flexible Dialing Logic:
This allows you to select whether you wish to dial the agent or customer first.
Multiple number formats:
The power dialer understands numerous formats of phone numbers. This saves you time as you need not to edit the numbers before you upload them.
Flexible data formatting:
Multiple options are available to upload bulk data quite easily either in Excel, CSV or any other format through API.
Easy scheduling of retries:
Make use of the easy-a-logic engine and be specific regarding when and how many retries are needed on unanswered numbers.
Click Text and Voicemail Messages
You can either leave behind a voice message on answering machines; or in a few clicks, you can even follow-up the call with a text message.
Facebook Lead Integration:
Connect-To-Sell allows you to instantly contact any lead that fills out a lead form.

Power Dialer

Why go for a Power Dialer?

Agents find it a waste of time to select a specific contact and dial and wait till the phone rings and connects.

A power dialer enables your sales representatives to connect to the prospect faster than a manual dialing phone.

According to statistics, power dialers have improved the productivity of agents by a whopping 150-250%.

No more awkward silences, no more dead calls as compared to a predictive dialer, which indicates that you need not worry regarding maintenance of FCA dropped call compliance.

All you need, in one place.

We offers a lot of tools for sales, operations, finance, and support.

Connect and Engage People

With messagizer’s omni-channel capabilities, you can send appointment reminders to your clients as a voice recording, text message, and/or email; then collect their confirmations through the same channels. With IVR Studio, you can conduct phone surveys and send interactive polls through text/SMS. Explore our products to see more unique Voicent features.

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Auto Phone Dialer Software

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