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Voice broadcasting is a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers and increase their loyalty by delivering information they care about.Send a single message or thousands instantly! Send Unlimited! With Voice Broadcast, the net you cast is as big or small as you want it to be.  new features! New technology We love our Customers

How Does It Work?

Record Messages

Record a voice message to be sent to your contacts by dialing toll free number, or upload from you computer. 

Upload Contacts

Add contacts to the broadcast list, upload a CSV or TXT file of your phone numbers or enter them manually.

Launch and Track

Messagizer dials your list, delivers your messages and captures the responses.

Hosted, Cloud or Premise?

We help you to choose right solutions for your marketing strategy. We guarantee the lowest cost in market. Messagizer's voice broadcasting software is designed to support all types of use cases. With our amazing technology, you can easily reach 5 or 50,000 different phone numbers in minutes. Our highly reliable system empowers you to send mass notifications without the need to purchase new hardware or software.

1, Create A Message - Record your voice message using our toll-free number or input your text message from your computer.

2, Add Contacts - Add contacts to your contact list, upload a CSV or TXT file of your phone numbers or type them in manually.

3, Deliver and Anylize - Messagizer dials your list, delivers your messages and captures the responses

Full Service Solutions


Messagizer gives you power to reach thousands of customers in seconds.Promote your product by using Messagizer voice broadcasting services.
  • Press-1 to transfer
  • Text-to-speech options
  • Easy to set up “Do not call” list
  • Automatic retries for any call result
  • Extensive reporting
  • Customizable messages for answering machines
  • Schedule to run at the best time for your clients

Who use Messagizer

Whatever your field of activity is, you need to keep in contact with your stakeholders at all times. Let them know whenever you open a new branch, plan a merger, acquire another company or launch a new product. Use our state of the art voice broadcasting platform to deliver the messages quick and in a cost effective manner.

How Messagizer work

Staying in touch with customers is the most powerful way to build long-lasting relationship with your client base. Sending them with useful, time-sensitive information let them know that you truly care about them. Aside from sending newsletters via email or via postal mail, you can also widen your reach and improve your conversation rate through voice blasting or voice broadcasting.
Restaurants & Retailers