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  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO and Tracking
  • Survey & Campaigns

Management & Control

  • CRM
  • Accounting and Invoicing
  • Meeting & Event Management
  • Inventory & Expense
  • Business Phone & VOIP
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Mobile / SMS

Outbound marketing strategies tend to focus on sending content or messages to prospects through telemarketing, direct mail, email, or other advertising campaigns. Inbound techniques are focused on getting customers to find you via search, referrals, or social media, etc.

Often the data that needs to be used to automate a marketing process is held in another system (CRM, ERP, Image Files, etc.). The number of data points and systems you need to integrate to can increase maintenance costs.

Brand presence and content management
Lead capture / qualification
Lead tracking, nurturing and conversion

Basic Reporting
Revenue Analytics
ROI Analytics
Web Analytics
SEO / Keyword Analytics

Workflow Capability
User, Role, and Access Management
Performance & Reliability
Output Document Generation

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